Jean Adas at Moss Haven Elementary School , Cottonwood Art Festival Visiting Artist Program
Watercolor artist Jean Adas presented to 5th and 6th grade students at Moss Haven Elementary School on Thursday, April 20, 2017 as part of Cottonwood's Visiting Artist Program. The visit was coordinated with Toni Crook who teaches art to all the students K-6 at this RISD school.

Jean Adas 
Jean demonstrated her unique watercolor techniques, and answered a variety of questions that ranged from why she doesn't paint people to how long she had been working as an artist.  Several pieces of her recent watercolor collections were passed around for students to see the details up close. 
"I don't do oil paintings, it's messy, it smells and it takes forever to dry. In watercolor we use a hairdryer and it's dry and then we can go on to the next step." Jean Adas
Toni Crook and Jean Adas
The artist briefly discussed the meaning of a juried art show and significance of being selected as one of the 240 artists for Cottonwood Art Festival. Jean brought the pieces that she had submitted with her application and tells students, "I didn't get in to the show last year, but this year I have the privilege to be in the show and I'm one of only six watercolor artists." 

"There are three rules to be a good artist and that is to practice, practice, practice." Jean Adas 
Students were invited to come out and see her booth May 6-7 at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson.  Admission is free and more information may be found: with a full list of the artists available here:  

Additional images from the presentation have been posted to the Cottonwood Art Festival Facebook page. #CottonwoodArtFest

Jean Adas at Moss Haven Elementary School